Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rise of the Penguins

*UPDATE: 2 weeks til release!

The time is fast approaching. My first novel RISE OF THE PENGUINS is set for a December release. (Available in both print and Kindle on Amazon) What is RISE OF THE PENGUINS you ask? Well let me start by explaining the books origins. If you missed my previous blog My Turn At The Blog Hop, where I answered a series of questions about my work, let me give you the quick rundown. 
First: this was a story I started writing waaaay back in 2005. I wrote the bulk of the novel while on my breaks working the graveyard shift at a local glass manufacturing plant. After a series of life’s setbacks, i.e. carpal tunnel surgery, heart issues, followed by a heart attack, followed by a divorce, followed by financial distress caused by the aforementioned heart troubles and subsequently losing my job, I buckled down and got to the work of publishing this epic adventure. So now, seven years later, I’m finally going to print! (I owe a lot to my recently appointed bride for pushing me forward).  
For you, my 3 or 4 loyal readers of my blog, I will give to you the chance to read the blurb. (Blurb. I’ve always had trouble assigning that word to group of sentences. Sounds more like a reflux problem). BTP. So without further ado, or excitement, or ruckus, or any other synonym of ado, I present the blurb. 

Wildlife photographer Randy Lee and climatologist Gina Rosedale are working in Antarctica for Global Threat, an environmental research company. However they soon find themselves caught in the middle of a war no one could have foreseen: The War of the Species. The origins of which are shrouded in shadow.
Few people knew the penguins were intelligent and had their own society. Even fewer knew that they were vengeful. For years they were seen as amusing clowns of the Antarctic—waddling, dancing, characters of cartoons. Before the days of animated film they were seen as something else; a source for lamp oil, food for sled dogs, or other uses which resulted in the death of millions of penguins. This was a time they never forgot.
A leader emerged from an ancient race of penguin known as the Royal Emperors. This leader united most of the penguin clans into a defensive coalition. From this propitious beginning, the Royal Emperor leader soon dubbed himself Overlord of the newly formed Penguin Defense Alliance and as his kind grew in number, so did his power.
However not all penguins are content to subjugation by the Royal Emperors and resistance begins to show itself. But what the dissidents lack is a true leader. Under the iron rule of the Overlord and while enduring the horrors of war against the humans, an unassuming leader will emerge.
Can one penguin change the fate of his species and the world?

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